Dr. Andrea Malits

Austral Center for Scientific Research (CADIC), AR

My Research Interests

My field of interest is the marine microbial foodweb functioning with emphasis on the role of virus driven processes controlling bacterial biomass and diversity and the repercussions on the carbon fluxes and how different anthropogenic stressors, i.e. Black Carbon, acidification, warming, iron fertilization, modify them. More recently I focus on the characterization of dissolved organic matter by its optical properties.

My Objectives in CoastCarb

- To decipher the prokaryotic community structure along gradients of DOM quality and availability in the Beagle Channel and adjacent waters by 16S Amplicon sequencing and bioinformatical analysis. - To characterize the spatial and seasonal variability of DOM quality and availability by its optical and fluorescent properties (incl. chemometric modelling of FDOM data) in the Beagle Channel and adjacent waters (SW Atlantic) and to relate it to microbial food web structure and functioning.