M.Sc. Carola Ferronato
PhD student

Argentine Institute of Oceanography (IADO), Argentina

My Research Interests

I am interested in the ecology of marine phytoplankton in continental shelves and frontal areas. A general goal of my PhD research is to understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of phytoplankton blooms and their hydrological drivers. To achieve this goal I combine in situ data of biological and physical-chemical variables from oceanographic expeditions with satellite derived information.

My Objectives in CoastCarb

I will contribute with original field data on phytoplankton composition, carbon content and chlorophyll a to tasks related to carbon budgets and fluxes in WP4. I will also learn new laboratory techniques such as isolation and culturing of toxic phytoplankton species and molecular analyses. Finally, I aim to gather more experience in the calibration of satellite images to characterize the phytoplankton functional groups in the sea surface.