Chester Sands

British Antarctic Survey

My Research Interests

Diversity on earth has intrinsic value and holds economic value in the form of resources and ecosystem services. How resilient resources and ecosystem services are to exploitation and environmental change should influence management. My major interest is the inference of processes that underlie the observed spatial and phylogenetic patterns of diversity and affect the resilience of populations and assemblages. Practically this requires techniques used in biogeography, molecular systematics, phylogeography and population genetics and the *omics tools. Conceptually this requires the teasing apart of contributing forces of adaptation and drift, and how these two forces are affected by environmental and demographic changes.

My Objectives in CoastCarb

Along with my BAS colleagues we bring a large dataset of quantitative benthic carbon across a variety of regions of the Southern Ocean. I will assist in the standardizing of data as well as compiling new datasets that can be integrated with our own.