Dr. Clara Iachetti
Postdoctoral Student

Austral Center for Scientific Research (CADIC), AR

My Research Interests

During my PhD I analyzed the dynamics of the baceterio, phyto and protozooplankton communities in Beagle Channel’s water column and their response to hydrological and meteorological parameters, paying special attention to temporal and spatial fluctuations. For the last couple of year I have turned my interest towards Harmful Algae, specially diatoms, in Beagle Channel. Never the less, I continue working with phytoplankton dynamics and primary production in Beagle Channel, in the South Atlantic, and, recently, in Antarctica in a climate change scenario.

My Objectives in CoastCarb

I look forward to collaborate with base line information on Beagle Channel and approach analytical and practical methodology standardization. Also as a student I intend to continue learning and growing in my career, both receiving project members at CADIC and training abroad.