Dr. Emilia Trudnowska

Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences

My Research Interests

I have an experience in studies of zooplankton, particles and marine snow along various environmental gradients. I am interested in their distribution, size spectra, food web interactions, roles in carbon cycle and how these are responding to climate change

My Objectives in CoastCarb

* to relate environmental conditions along the gradient from the glacier fronts to the clear open fjordic waters with the characterization of phyto-, micro-, and zoo- plankton species composition, size structure and abundance * to analyse the lipid and isotopic composition of dominant zooplankton and benthic taxa to do a step toward integrated (pelagic-benthic coupling) view of the carbon and nutrient flux through the sub-Antarctic fjordic system * to make the scenarios whether the primary/secondary production is effectively utilized in the pelagial or rather transferred to the benthic communities