M. Sc. Julieta Kaminsky
PhD Student

Austral Center for Scientific Research (CADIC), AR

My Research Interests

In the context of my PhD, I am studying macroalgal ecology in subantarctic ecosystems. I look forward to increase our knowledge on how multiple stressors determine seasonal kelp forest dynamics in the Beagle Channel, and particularly how anthropogenic activities might degrade these highly productive ecosystems.

My Objectives in CoastCarb

My objectives are to:

  • Perform multifactorial experiments (nutrients, temperature, etc.) with key macroalgae at AWI and CADIC.
  • Contribute to our understanding of the role of kelp forests in the Beagle Channel.
  • Contribute to carbon budget estimation for kelps.
  • Enrich my overall background by means of scientific and cultural exchange with CoastCarb participants.