Dr. Maria Liliana Quartino

Instituto Antártico Argentino (IAA), Argentina

My Research Interests

I have been studying Antarctic macroalgae assemblages of the Potter Cove ecosystem since the early 1990s. My research is mainly centered around macroalgal taxonomy and ecology, especially community structure, vertical distribution and macroalgal biomass production. For many years, my research group has been studying macroalgae’s key role in this Antarctic ecosystem highly affected by climate change

My Objectives in CoastCarb

My studies allow me to gather quantitative data of macroalgae of Potter Cove to document the community's changes due to global warming. Our main objectives are to quantify the seasonal and annual primary productivity and carbon budgets of key macroalgae species and to quantify the seaweed carbon budget and the energy flows into the coastal ecosystem. With the macroalgae research group of CADIC we will contribute to the estimation of the carbon budget for kelps in the Beagle Channel.