Prof. Marleen De Troch
Associate Professor

Ghent University

My Research Interests

I am a marine ecologist with special interest in trophic interactions at the basis of marine food webs (primary producers – primary consumers). I apply trophic biomarkers (stable isotopes but especially fatty acids) to trace the energy flow and the impact of environmental changes on that. Antarctic benthic organisms are of great interest to test for their ability of bioconversion of fatty acids and their adaptability to the environment.

My Objectives in CoastCarb

I am involved in 3 WPs (2, 3, 4) as trophic ecology interacts with different Coastcarb aims. I will contribute to the training of young researchers in the use of trophic biomarkers and will cooperate with all researchers in order to get better insights in the overall functioning of the ecosystem by disentangling trophic interactions.