Dr. Valeria Ana Guinder

Argentine Institute of Oceanography (IADO), Argentina

My Research Interests

My research focuses on microbial plankton ecology in coastal areas, continental shelves and fronts. By using different approaches, I assess the functional structure, biodiversity, trophic interconnections and biomass of microbial communities, covering their wide size spectra (pico- to microplankton) and feeding modes. I have special interest on studying phytoplankton ecological traits and trade-offs under contrasting environmental conditions to identify the main regulating factors of carbon pathways and productivity. I also work on toxic species and their associated phycotoxins. By combining field and experimental surveys, I assess their ecological niches and the main drivers of harmful algal blooms (HABs).

My Objectives in CoastCarb

I will contribute with original field data on microbial plankton structure, biodiversity and carbon budgets, including toxic species. These data will support related tasks such as the assessment of biogeochemical cycles, benthic-pelagic interactions, ecosystem productivity, satellite data calibration, and modelling of climate change impacts on the carbon fluxes at the base of the food web.