Camila Neder

Have you noticed that critical factors came to our mind generally through images and video? Communicating science is important for debunking and avoiding misinformation. And sometimes, for visual people like me, video information is a great tool.

Together with Comunica Al Natural, we joined the Centro de Investigación  Dinámica de Ecosistemas Marinos (UACh-IDEAL, Chile) and the Instituto de Diversidad y Ecología Animal (CONICET-IDEA, Argentina) to give you different curious facts about two areas of great scientific importance: Patagonia and Antarctica. We present you “Science in 30 seconds” #CienciaEn30segundos!

Every Wednesday on our social networks we release a new chapter! Follow our Twitter account for more content @CoastCarb and also those of the institution’s participants. Have a look to UACh-IDEAL and CONICET-IDEA web-pages.

Under the framework of WP6, the Journalist Andrea Navarro (from UACh-IDEAL) and the biologist Dr. Camila Neder (from Comunica al Natural and CONICET-IDEA) create this new section within their secondments in Alfred Wegener Institute. We appreciate the general coordination and leadership of Andrea with the special production of Diego Nahuel and the Communications Section of the UACh-IDEAL.

Tik-Tak, the seconds count for sharing scientific knowledge. Enjoy it!