The first Gerneral Assembly of CoastCarb was supposed to take place at the Centro IDEAL in Punta Arenas from March 23 to 27. Due to the worldwide increasing cases of COVID-19 and the travel restrictions, which had been put in place, we had to unfortunately cancel our General Assembly last minute. As a physical meeting in Punta Arenas was impossible, we decided to have a video conference instead. We discussed our planned secondments, trainings and workshops for 2020 and how we would deal with the COVID-19 situation, preventing any kind of travel. We agreed to move all secondments to a later time in 2020 if possible, hoping the situation would settle. The first workshop for WP4, that was planned for April 2020 would however still take place via video conferences. We are very grateful to all the members of the organizing committee that had already put a lot of work in the organization of our Gneral Assembly. And a very special thanks to all the helpers and staff in Punta Arenas. If the worldwide situation allows, we would like to have our General Assembly in Punta Arenas during autumn 2021.